5 07 2005

The silicone boobs … that great invention. I had never think about it until now, when I read that in a future it is supossed to introduce integrated circuits with the purpose of storing data to them.

It will be like being your own hard disk (or soft, it depends on the quality of silicone)

The main application will be mp3 . Nevertheless, some doubts around this question arise to me:

– the size is directly proportional to the capacity?
– How many gigas fit to me in my boobs?
– How do I share music with my friends?
– Does it use a simple interface? It is going to hurt me when changing of song?
– In a mammary exploration, can I put it in Hold?

I guess the kind of models will be something like: Pamela model for classic white iPod of 60 Gb , or model Keira Knightley for iPod nano black of 3Gb .

Via: Nopuedocreerquelohayaninventado



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