6 07 2005

Prussian Blue are two Californian blondes sisters of thirteen years that they affirm: «Adolf Hitler was a good man of great ideas». Educated in its house by its mother (this is legal in the USA), theyve been singing racist songs from the 9 years, have removed a disc and every time they are more popular anywhere in the world.

Down we see them wearing a t-shirt of Smiley version Hitler (hey! to be Nazi does not imply to lose your youthful aspect).If you are a fan of Prussian Blue you can buy the same t-shirt in Aryan Wear, a confidence store where surely the bottoms will be destined to beneficial associations that will make of the Earth a » cleaner planet «.

The worse thing is than they sing well.

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6 07 2005

Let us put that you go to a Japanese restaurant where you have reserved a tatami like the one of Doraemon, you begin to open mouth with a soup of seaweed, soon you request a black tray with sushi and all this you pass it with sake warms up. Mmm, what rich, all Japanese… But at dessert time, they bring the letter to you and what you find: ice cream, apple pie, carrot cake…. Naturally, you do not request anything. It does not desire to finish the evening to you with wild blueberry muffings, you would load all the atmosphere japo…

But this is going to change. If you used to save four dollars by not ordering any dessert, now you should start breaking your pig moneybox, because I present you these wonderful chocolates style sushi. They are done with chocolate, inflated rice, gelatin… In addition to the models of the typical sushi, you can find the Chinese cats that salute to you with the leg, and also chopsticks of chocolate. This couldnt be cooler

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6 07 2005

There is a great listing of titles (click here to read them).
Seeing this product I have decided to do my own cover , these are some ideas:

-«How to get the body of Black Eyed Peas singer eating all what you want
Frog and Panda teach to you how to add: To add is amused and you will laught with Frog »
The luxury prostitution, a business in height»
Madonna: a vixen to imitate »
Tricks so that it seems that you are an expert in» the GodFather » even when you havent watched it»
Frog and Panda teach to you to subtract: To subtract is a shit and Panda explains it worst «



5 07 2005

-Because your write your own blog.
-Because you are a electrogirl with more than three different accounts of mail.
-Because Internet is more than speaking by messenger (AOL).
-Because nowadays everyone wears paste glasses.

Distinguish yourself from the other girls with this bag and make all those freaks (they will denominated themselves as geeks) fall in love with you.

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Keyboard bag


5 07 2005

The silicone boobs … that great invention. I had never think about it until now, when I read that in a future it is supossed to introduce integrated circuits with the purpose of storing data to them.

It will be like being your own hard disk (or soft, it depends on the quality of silicone)

The main application will be mp3 . Nevertheless, some doubts around this question arise to me:

– the size is directly proportional to the capacity?
– How many gigas fit to me in my boobs?
– How do I share music with my friends?
– Does it use a simple interface? It is going to hurt me when changing of song?
– In a mammary exploration, can I put it in Hold?

I guess the kind of models will be something like: Pamela model for classic white iPod of 60 Gb , or model Keira Knightley for iPod nano black of 3Gb .

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